I can almost hear the conversation after the last election in the Post’s editorial boardroom: “If some bots in Macedonia can infiltrate the Internet with fake news and innuendo, just imagine what we can do!” Followed by someone remarking, “Bezos will love it.” Sure enough, the Post has taken an almost hysterical and frenzied approach to spreading rumors and outright lies through “anonymous sources” and “people close to the current or prior administration.” It’s remarkable just how unremarkable the rest of the established media has found the Post’s dreadful record of accuracy during this time period. It’s propaganda now, plain and simple: A virulent strain of misinformation permeating every sector of a diseased and maligned Fourth Estate.

We’ve been here before; deviantly manipulated by lying, cynical intelligence agencies directed to provide a surgical and pre-packaged lie for public consumption. WMDs in Iraq, anyone? Then CIA Director George Tenet stood before the 9/11 Commission and lied about meeting with President Bush in August of 2001 regarding a very specific terror threat report. In fact, it was later revealed he met with Bush, after all. Twice. Lies. A common theme in the most vitally important intelligence game of all, the one called “cover your ass.” Tenet is also well known to be responsible for doctoring a false Intel report regarding a connection between Saddam’s Iraq and Al Qaeda, which directly contributed to the humiliating and career-ending presentation to the UN by Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Lies. All conceived by our own Intel Agencies to get a desired result. It worked then, convincing 2/3 of Americans that Iraq possessed WMDs, and it worked now, convincing 2/3 of Americans that Russia tampered with our election. The Tenet protocol didn’t stop with his retirement in disgrace. It was borne out during the Obama era under his old protege, John Brennan. Brennan spearheaded a similar ulterior operation to deceive us, from November to now, that the Russians did anything substantial to massage the results of our presidential elections. Brennan, using Tenet like manipulation, disseminated misleading Intel reports to media sources that indicated a false narrative. Then going on TV, and before Congress, and saying something totally different. It’s a bait and switch operation that plays right into “cover your ass.” It’s also predicated on lies and weaponized intelligence.

The Washington Post, for its part, much like its majority owner, Jeff Bezos, is functioning as a CIA propaganda machine. There is no fundamental difference between the Post to the Deep State mission than Pravda’s mission under Stalin. No discernible difference at all. The Intel community and the Fourth Estate are “bedded and wedded” at this point. This is a marriage made in hell for the American people. Our “free and open” media is actually entrenched and closed off in a mission of concerted lies and innuendo; imposed upon by a subterranean army of subterfuge, acting at the behest of the former administration. The only facts I can find that exist without dispute in this media barrage, are that our mainstream press has been hopelessly compromised and our Intel community is dangerously and inherently broken.

In 2002, then Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham, issued a statement on the work of the Intel community leading up to and after 9/11: “The administration wasn’t using intelligence to inform their judgment; they were using intelligence as part of a public relations campaign to justify their judgement.” Sound familiar? Looks and sounds an awful lot like the Obama administration from November 9th until January 20th, and beyond, doesn’t it? A final report was issued from the committee in 2004 that contained a remarkable quote, one that will undoubtedly sum up the Russia Intel summary in the future. I’ll make it a paragraph unto its own, so you can read twice, if not more, to grasp its prescience…

“The Senate report…found the US Intelligence Community to suffer from a broken corporate culture and poor management that resulted in (assessments) which were completely wrong in almost every respect.”

Staggeringly accurate statement as to what is occurring today; and stunningly effective with the assistance of a complicit media, led by Bezos’ Washington Post. Together, a compromised media and weaponized Intel community have again successfully deceived 2/3 of our country for their own seedy and surreptitious mission. The system is broken. The threat is real. The chair is against the wall, for all you Red Dawn fans out there.

The mission of the media should be accurate reporting and accountability, not shady hearsay and unnamed sources. The mission of our Intel community should be keeping our country safe from those who wish it harm, not contriving a made up narrative to undermine a democratically elected President Trump. So, to quote the Wallflowers song: “reboot the mission.”