Well, the media has officially jumped the shark. They spent their weekly political capital cash cow, the Sunday talk shows, which I refer to as the “left express,” chattering like nervous monkeys about the ubiquitously cited Trump/Russian investigations. Calls were made for AG Sessions to recuse himself from an “investigation” the FBI has already classified in the “BS file.” It’s absurd theatre and one that will continue to exacerbate the divide between the propaganda press corp and the White House.

Let’s be honest, this is a snipe hunt. There is no Russian connection to be found, never mind one that could influence our incredibly diverse and balkanized election process. Where is the evidence? What exactly are these 17 “intelligence agencies” telling the press and NOT showing us? I can answer that for you: nothing much. It’s a nothing-burger with a side of rumor. The media continues to purge themselves from the encumbrance of reality and run freely through their fertile imaginations.

After years of American influence in other nation’s elections as part of our official CIA protocols, our national propaganda media is bemoaning and decrying the possibility of Russia poking their noses in ours. Irony aside, how did they do it? Influence our election, I mean. Again, we know they didn’t access a single voting machine, a fact conceded by all parties. We know they have no direct responsibility for the DNC hacking, a fact backed up by the confirmation of independent phishing scams of which John Podesta and various DNC staffers fell victim. So, as Julian Assange keeps asking: how exactly did Russia interfere in our elections? They didn’t. They couldn’t, even if they wanted to. That’s the real fact of the matter.

Belied by a paranoid and insipid media, Russia has little in the way of real assets to disturb our chaotic and self-involved national elections. Lost in the clamoring and clumsy media requests for a full account of President Trump’s non-existent financial dealings with Russia, is the fact that Russia offers very little in the way of financial rewards, clandestine or otherwise. Just what is it that anyone thinks Trump has vested in their oil-propped, junker of an economy any way? It’s ludicrous and insulting to the American people to infer anything otherwise. Russia produces nothing but: oil we already have, guns we already sell ourselves and some uranium of which Hillary already sold our portion of back to them. Good lord, the opposition party has lost their collective minds. So rattled and shook by the election result, they are literally conjuring a mass delusion to calm themselves and disturb the agenda of our new president.

The only people, ironically enough, happy with this development are the Russians themselves. Putin is trolling the American propaganda machine because he knows how to do it like no one else on earth. Spy ships on our shores, fighter planes buzzing our Destroyers; silly propaganda bait that our little bottom feeders in the alphabet soup go chasing on command. Putin knows the game, he practically invented it in its modern form.

The best practical joke of all, is the one you keep expecting and it never comes. Putin knows this and he is laughing hysterically as our propagandists and congressional dullards hold hearings into the impossible. It’s an old axiom in politics: “when did you stop beating your wife?” How do you answer? How can Trump quell concern about something that not only never happened, but couldn’t really have happened in the first place.

Putin has sent America’s elite into the largest snipe hunt of all time. It’s hard not to appreciate the subtle genius of making our media look this stupid. My only grievance is that our president is forced to dignify the insanity with a response.

All of this changes nothing. Trump must fight on, and we must join him in this open rebellion against Fake News. And, no, the sky is not purple, rocks do not talk, and the Russians did not influence the presidential election in the United States of America. If you argue with any of these former statements, you must be willing to argue them all.