On this day, July 4th, we Americans celebrate the birth of our independence. It is a day of celebration and excess of all things Americana. It’s fireworks, hot dogs, baseball and apple pie. It’s a day when we gloss over all the ugly trials and tribulations that have plagued us, lo these 240 some odd years. Instead, we don ourselves in the colors of our beloved flag and we embrace the amazing experiment that has birthed the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Some of us, though, celebrate a new kind of independence. We now feel unencumbered by the rigid, patronizing glare of the aristocratic and self-loathing liberals who deny America’s exceptionalism. What they fail to grasp is that on November 8th, 2016, we were freed from this pall that has been draped like a mourner’s veil over our patriotism for 8 years. No longer are we scolded to cast our eyes downward and apologize for our wealth, our drive and achievements. Gone are the funereal moments of somber malaise, as we were forced to listen to a president who understood nothing about our values, treating rural and suburban Americans with outright contempt. November 9th may have given birth to a movement of anti-American “resistance,” but it also gave us more…so much more. It gave us President Donald J. Trump.

Freedom may be a concept given forth from God, but to be ascertained and maintained in its existential form, it requires sacrifice; it requires blood, death, and unyielding commitment.  The men and women of our armed services who fought and died, did not do so for your entitlements. They did not sacrifice everything so that a burgeoning socialist movement in this country could separate wealth from its owners and distribute it as they see fit. America is now set forth back on its original path: a place where you can work your way into any life you want. Where you can abide by the laws and there will be nothing standing in the way of you and your dreams. That is what has been fought and died for, certainly not a lecture on perceived slights and old political grievances.

One must be honestly amused by the irony of our current political climate. I choose to chuckle, perhaps wryly, at the coinciding events of the Revolutionary War and the Presidential Election of 2016. One side let the hubris of wealth, tactics and self-assured superiority of all matters adversarial lead them into oblivion. Indeed, one side boasted far more resources, human assets and worldwide consensus of their fait accompli victory. Only they were wrong. Wrong on the finality of events that were set in motion on July 4th, 1776, and wrong on the events that came to fruition on November 8th, 2016.

Both days in history mark something epically and uniquely American. I’m unafraid of the contrast. I find both summation of events stunningly providential, and at once, refreshingly Rabelaisian. History has a habit of keeping the shine on the object of its attention. The present, however, offers no such sanctuary. Thus, President Trump makes his current march through the ceaseless muck and the mire… Waging a populist war against a deep state opposition so dark, so oppressive, that he endures by sheer will to succeed; and the grateful masses, this author included, who feel their country was saved.

Abraham Lincoln was well known to try and lighten a heavy moment with a quip or a tailored parable. At times he would describe the limitations of a compass; an object that would ensure you due north, but offer you no counsel as to mountains or swamps that befall you between that point and your destination. I like to think when Trump is walking the halls of the White House late at night, that old Abe walks along side, whispering his wisdom in the president’s ear. For there is little doubt Trump is learning there is far more maneuvering needed in DC to get from point A to point B without traversing through endless swamps.

On July 4th, we celebrate how we came to be and who we want to be tomorrow. As for everything in the middle, well, we must acknowledge it and learn from it. Our sins, our wars, our riots and our failures are the roadmap from Independence Day to November 8th, 2016. We are not ashamed to be the greatest and wealthiest nation on the planet. We earned it. We have the military cemeteries to prove it. We have sacrificed, we have lost, but in the end we are defined by how much we win. Donald Trump simply wants us all to win again. By leaving a life of fame and wealth to become an unpaid Commander-In-Chief, he adds to the lore of our larger-than-life, and admittedly, flawed American heroes like Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and Reagan.

The media and the frenzied left can attack Trump all they want, it hasn’t fazed his supporters in the least. He has freed us from caring about fake news and partisan attacks. When we elected Trump as our president, we announced our independence from all of that nonsense. It was, for all intents and purposes, our Independence Day. Happy Birthday, America.