Robert Mueller was tasked with the awkward, if not outright impossible mission of creating a crime that never happened. Worse, his very mission was conceived and prompted by his protege, James Comey, in order to justify, or cover up, what appears to be a conspiracy of historic proportions. Everything that has happened since is all a reverse engineering operation to legitimize an unethical and perhaps illegal government intrusion into a Presidential campaign. So many lines have been blurred, bent and crossed, that an exhaustive review is not only onerous, it’s an exercise in futility.

A year ago, I preached that patience would be required for Trump supporters to weather this storm. Historical reviews of Deep State wars indicate that tactically they tend to prefer a game of graduated incrementalism. It’s rarely an outright assault of bombshell reports, and the like; rather it tends to be a nuanced series of volleys, massaged and interpreted by the compliant media on both sides. The names have changed, as have the media’s control of the narrative, but the general rules are the same. With all the talk about white hats and black hats, the predominant color hat in DC is actually gray. Just when you think you know the truth, or any part of it, a new twist appears. It’s maddening to those new to beltway intrigue. Social media and instant “news” has proven to be a rogue element for both sides. Simplification should be our goal, not complex hypotheses created from pure speculation.

So let us forgo all the charts and the Pavlovian need to construct twitter threads that invariably will be proven wrong in a matter of days. Besides, what we do know is likely far more interesting and scandalous than what we don’t. By simple timeline data alone, we are quite certain that the Obama administration, in conjunction with British Intelligence, were looking into Trump associates long before any documented investigation began. But we are talking about professional counter-intelligence folks here, so it shouldn’t surprise any of us that they attempted to cover their tracks every step of the way. It would explain how Christopher Steele was enlisted in the first place. This is why British resources were utilized as much as possible. Keep in mind, even if Trump wins the election, the brits would never be compelled to provide source material to a Trump administration, right?

Why were they so intent to get Papadopoulos (a neophyte nobody who was brand new to the de facto Trump international policy team) to Europe? Why invite him to a conference, feed him a lie about Russia having dirt on Hillary, then hook him up for drinks with an Australian diplomat who passes on the planted rumor to the Obama State Department? Perry Mason is not required to see this whole thing was a joint American/British intelligence operation to attach Russian culpability to the DNC email release. It is my contention that in their haste to do so, Trump’s campaign became a unwitting vehicle  to aid in their witch hunt to connect Putin to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. It’s the one giant piece of the puzzle that never gets talked about.

This whole thing is predicated on one big lie. In its blind rage to punish Assange and connect him to Putin, the Deep State propagated rogue operations to ensnare Trump campaign gadflies by entrapment; a desperate tactic, and one that basically rendered a major party nominee for President as collateral damage. If Mueller were a man of integrity, he would have taken one look at how this whole thing transpired and ran for the hills. Instead, he dug in his heels and took up the cause. That’s when the reverse engineering started, and the lies began.

Papadopoulos never used the word “emails” when drunkenly gossiping with Downer. That’s a media planted lie. Downer didn’t report it to the FBI, he reported the Obama State Department. Another media lie. Papadopoulos pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI. His lie? Misrepresenting by one week when he started working with the Trump campaign. That’s it, you ask? Yes, that’s it. There is nothing there, but conveniently shuts up a key witness who could unravel the whole thing by exposing Halper, Mifsud and the whole pathetic ruse.

“Can’t we just drone this guy?” A memorable quote from Hillary Clinton regarding Assange during her disastrous reign as Secretary of State. It was a serious query, according to several DOS sources who reported it to the media. It was also the result of intense pressure from Obama to cut off Assange’s access to the world. It was a pressure coming from many other heads of state, as well. Presumably, Great Britain being one of them. The hunt for Julian Assange, the anger at Putin for granting asylum to Edward Snowden, led to a target of opportunity: Donald Trump and his emerging campaign.

The idea that anyone in the Trump campaign did anything more than revel in the Wikileaks information in a normative political fashion, exists solely in the partisan minds engaged in this stupefying witch hunt. There is no evidence that Russia was actually the source of the DNC breach at all. There is a convenient conflation of facts in the media linking the phishing expedition that a few low IQ people like McCain, Powell and Podesta got caught up in, and the actual DNC incident. No one can prove it was actually a “hack” at all. The fact that the FBI never even accessed the DNC server to assess the “hack,” tells you all you need to know. Plausible deniability, plain and simple. Letting Crowdstrike do the investigation and never challenging it, implicates Jim Comey as complicit in the cover up. The sole piece of purported “evidence” is a single incident that supposedly reveals Guccifer 2.0 “neglected to use a VPN” when logged on, and that IP address linked up to a “known Russian intelligence agent.” Wait, what? That story is shakier than Hillary Clinton on a hot day.

So you see, it’s all adding up. The only problem being, it’s all adding up to nothing. At least as far as Donald Trump is concerned. Don’t get me started on what was done to General Michael Flynn. That was a textbook Deep State takedown and sickens me to the core. If I could hold Mueller blameless for all the clandestine nonsense prior, I will never forgive his cowardly insistence on pursuing charges on Flynn. Any man of honor, would be pursuing the criminals who went after Flynn.

Time is running out on Bob Mueller. The first IG report will delineate a multitude of offenses committed by DOJ/FBI personnel during the Clinton email investigation known as Mid-Year Exam. The real trouble for Mueller is not what is in the report, necessarily, but who is in the report. All acts that violate procedure, regulations, and the law itself, will implicate previous members of Mueller’s team. It will implicate the same people who kickstarted operation Crossfire Hurricane into Trump’s campaign. Everything you do as a federal law enforcement officer is reliant on your character and integrity. Once that is impugned, you lose the ability to conduct yourself on any investigation. If an FBI agent bends the rules, or worse, breaks them, they undermine the entire justice system. They cannot be trusted. They cannot even be counted on to provide honest testimony as a witness.

That is the real reason Mueller was appointed: to protect the system. They believe they are responding to a “higher duty” to preserve their institutions. Everyday Americans will not see it that way. The sands are shifting beneath Mueller’s feet now. Rudy Giuliani has the credibility and the temerity to call out this sinister plot and all those who took part in it. Legacies will be destroyed and public faith in these institutions will crumble. The problem is, this is a zero sum game. The Deep State’s desperate bid to preserve their own institutions, can only be achieved by destroying another one: the presidency. I won’t stand for that. No American should.