When did it all begin? When was the first moment the media transitioned from “Trump can’t win” to “Trump won and we’re screwed”…? I think we can look to the moment CNN and other networks began showing downward trending market futures while western state polls were still open. This dramatic and completely unprecedented intrusion by the media on our election process is the only real “collusion” that has been evidenced thus far. In Europe, they lock down all media and much of social media on Election Day, in some kind of pathological response to the fear of an educated voter. In America, it’s the opposite. Our media inserted themselves into the election in ways never witnessed before, and they’re not finished yet.

Sure, we are all guilty of watching the election night video clips of the media meltdowns as Trump defied all expectations and shattered the careers of many a pollster and pundit. With that acknowledgment though, we must face the reality that the media never got up off the mat since that night, and they damn sure didn’t intend for you to do so, either. Since the midnight hour of November 9th, we have been besieged by a sociopathic and relentless media assault; desperate to defy optimism and strip the new president of any typical transition or national unity. In a metaphorical sense, they succeeded, but in a practical sense, not so much. In their efforts to destroy Trump, they have only succeeded in destroying themselves, and to some extent, the nation’s trust in many public institutions. It is the very definition of a Pyrrhic victory.

So in stony silence, and with clenched teeth, I watched every Sunday news show today. Would you believe in that five hours of “news analysis,” that there was not one mention of a record setting market? Not one mention of consumer confidence or private sector job gains? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. All Russia, with a dash of the health care blues. It was a staggering display of stamina on the part of the established media. A ceaseless and dogged attempt to drive the viewer into a state of paralysis and fear. Ethics in journalism have been readily replaced by seedy manipulation and standards have simply disappeared. Watching the display, day in and day out, one can’t help but become desensitized by it all. If not for my profession, I’d be content to join Sebastian Gorka’s parable of cartoon watchers.

Here now they will inundate us with “troubling” reports of mythical collusion and pound us into oblivion with skewed polls. They haven’t learned a thing since the election. Donald Trump’s base is unflinching and unwavering. It seems to stun them, and they bemoan this fact openly. It is my one source of amusement in all this madness. I must admit, taking up this journalistic endeavor myself, feels a little like trying to maintain sanity while living in an asylum. Perspective is hard fought and won in this battle for news analysis. Each day is a fight against varying degrees of misinformation and outright fabrications. Steady though my hand may be, I am nonetheless embroiled in a constant mental battle as to whether to engage the nonsensical debate head on, or ignore it altogether. Some days it’s harder than others to decide.

Long story short: don’t let the bastards get you down. This information war will not be a short one, so you’ll need a little faith and a lot of discretion. I am marching right along side you. I will do my best to dispel the lies and quell the increasingly prevalent click-bait rumors. Just know this, the latest Washington Post poll surveyed a paltry 23% of those who identified themselves as republican. 23%. Pretty amazing we have a majority in congress, all statehouses and governorships. Not bad for a party that only warrants 23% of a poll.

While 23% doesn’t sound like much, it’s a number the media in America will never reach again in public trust. They have sought vengeance on this president. Those who seek vengeance should remember to dig two graves. For the purposes of this discussion, those allegorical graves will house the media and the Democratic Party that marches with them in lockstep. They will have only themselves to blame.