How dangerous is the Mueller investigation getting to our constitutional stability as a nation of laws? So dangerous he is leaking details of his investigation before it even starts. Mueller is a serious man, maybe, and this is definitely a serious issue. Right now, though, his credibility is about as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and that is devastating to his mission. In the military there is an old line of reasoning for things like this: Send a good man on a bad mission, and you lose the man and the mission. Mark these words: Mueller and his team of Clinton-tethered lawyers are each carrying a bucket of paint, and believe me when I tell you there’s only corner left.

This deep state volley between white hat Americans heroes and black hat villains of the subterranean swamps, has resulted in a dizzying array of innuendo, leaks, lies and just about everything but a fact. How ironic is it the press and pundits lamented Trump’s propensity to blow it all up when he got to Washington? Trump hasn’t blown anything up. The left, and their deep state reptilian bureaucrat army have waged a war of utter destruction on our government, and our separation of powers. They tug mercilessly on the fabrics of our fundamental freedoms and chip at the foundation of the law and order upon which our government was built. If it’s not sedition, it’s perilously close.

I was willing to give Mueller and Rosenstein the benefit of the doubt on this. I saw the logic of bringing the interminable congressional hearings to a merciful end. Let’s face it, these thundering dolts couldn’t figure out the end of a Scooby-Doo episode if they held a hearing on it. So let’s go out and get our Wyatt Earp, our Eliot Ness, to take on the task of relieving the Barney Fife’s of Congress from their fool’s errand. In comes Robert Mueller. Then, in comes 4 lawyers with more democrat credentials than an AFSCME ward leader and more ties to the Clinton’s than a morgue in Little Rock. Well, the idea of an independent and fair investigation just went to hell before the hand basket could arrive. Seriously, watching Rod Rosenstein navigate this thing is like watching a poodle trying to hump a show horse. He’s out of his league, and frankly I’m not sure if he even knows what goes where. Worse, what if he actually does?

So now we know how we got here; what’s next? Well, fortunately for us in this day and age in DC, we don’t have to wait to find out. The lovely leakers will tell us! Sure enough, our superstar counsel Robert Mueller, is already leaking enough to make even the most laid back urologist a little nervous. Tongues are already wagging like dogs on a hot day…or Jim Comey in front of a congressional panel. It’s like a Mexican soap opera, but with really ugly actors, and a less plausible plot. I’m starting a pool to guess which happens first: Dennis Rodman de-escalates the North Korean conflict or Mueller hires Eric Holder to join his dream team. Get your square while there’s still time. The winner receives a free copy of “World Geography Renamed” by Maxine Waters.

But seriously, folks. Mueller can’t indict the President. Just can’t. It’s a matter of a little thing called constitutional law. The liberals don’t read it, care about it, or intend to anytime soon. But we, as literate and upstanding citizens, should have the water cooler knowledge to tell Ned from shipping that there will be no obstruction charges against Trump, nor any impeachment articles introduced; none that would garner any more traction than an Oscar nomination for Carrot Top, anyway.

Mueller wants us to think he’s going to drill down on Coats, the head of ODNI, and NSA chief Rogers to see if there is any meat on the bone of Comey’s obstruction conspiracy. Trouble with that is, both have already testified under oath that there was NO pressure or obstruction from the president. Golly gee, were they lying to congress? Will they crack under the weighty stare of Bob Mueller…and Hillary Clinton’s estate planner? Or whoever the hell Mueller will drag into this mess next. It’s absurd and obscene. And it’s a joke, too, even if Vladimir Putin is the only one laughing.