Let’s take a minute, maybe a deep breath, and walk through President Trump’s decision to fire the Director of the FBI. It’s not a walk that makes any sense unless you walk backwards. The established media and beltway democrats will do almost anything to persuade you to do otherwise.

The soul-crushing, ethos crippling power of presidential campaign politics has brought down smarter and better men than James Comey. He is merely the latest cautionary tale detailing a DC bureaucrat who fought out of his weight class. While J. Edgar Hoover may have admired Comey’s taste for playing both sides against the middle, he almost certainly would have advised against dancing with a lame duck devil in Obama. Hoover was keenly aware of the changing seasons in presidential politics and was a master at manipulating that power vacuum to his favor. Comey lacked even the most remote political sense to navigate the turbulent waters he found himself in.

That’s not to infer Comey is a sympathetic figure in all of this. Few FBI directors in the bureau’s history have been maligned as he has by both sides of the political aisle. Prosecutorial politics is the most dangerous game to be played in Washington. You certainly don’t paint a target on a major party presidential nominee and then let them walk away. Not only did Comey commit that blunder, he then informed the world, twice, that he had all the reason in the world to bring charges, but inexplicably did not. Here is where we must tread off the beaten path to trace Comey’s travels to the trash bin of history.

We know the DOJ and Loretta Lynch had zero intention of bringing charges against Hillary Clinton. We also know Comey was explicitly instructed not to refer to the email and server investigation as “criminal” in nature. It was here that Jimbo should’ve seen the writing on the wall. The moves he made subsequently show a tortured vision of personal angst and lack of foresight on Comey’s part. When the NY Times reported on the Clinton basement server, Comey should have realized that he had the misfortune of being at the helm of an un-winnable war: defy the DOJ and conduct an adequate criminal investigation into Clinton’s brazen act against American interests, and be fired, or abide by partisan wishes and lose the faith of the Bureau.

So, essentially, Comey came to a fork in the road. Unfortunately, both the roads ahead led off a cliff. In this instance, there is only one choice: turn around or resign. Instead, he forged ahead in the hopes a bridge could be built by the time he reached the cliff. Not smart. Either way, it doesn’t matter. It’s all proof positive that Comey lacked the leadership ability to run an agency like the FBI. He was compromised, ethically and otherwise, and there was no changing that. It threatened the promise of any apolitical investigation by the FBI in the future. He had to go, and I understand why the president waited to do so. It was clear to me, and most political observers, that Comey was going to string this investigation into Russia out as long as possible to keep his job. It was awkwardly apparent, and was it was aided and abetted by a Congress desperate to keep a strong executive on a leash. A political marriage made in hell for the constitution.

In closing, this is just another shot fired in a deep state war that will not end soon. Trump is in the fight for keeps and, frankly, so is his opposition. Who is the opposition, you ask? Everybody. The president has at his disposal two main weapons in this war: his powers as president, and the hearts and minds of the American silent majority. The opposition seek to disarm him of both. It will take vigilance and a constant pushback by those who support President Trump to stop this from happening. James Comey put himself, time and time again, ahead of the interests of the American people. It was for that reason he was fired. Trump righted a wrong. A wall of injustice has been removed, but the remodeling is far, far from over.