Times like these, I hear the rusty old voice of that mailman turned songwriter, John Prine. Let’s face it, those lyrics ring true these days. Who hasn’t felt a little like they were drowning in this wave of fake news? Each day brings a slew of negative media against the president. Stories laden with unnamed sources of “past and current officials” speaking on condition of anonymity. Please. Enough.

But they won’t stop. It’s all they have. Every twelve hours, a cavalcade of conjecture, a tsunami of innuendo and, well, sometimes even two scoops of ice cream ooze from our TVs like primordial slime. The ebbs and flows of insanity and hilarity play off each other like a tennis volley. There we sit, dull-eyed and nauseous, watching the fate of our constitutional republic bandied about like sport. Please. Enough.

This entire narrative is built on lies. The absurdity of our new reality has rendered DC into a caricature of itself. A self-obsessed cesspool of obstinance and obfuscation. If there is no honor among thieves, then I attribute none to Congress. These arrogant and misguided souls are content to carry out guerrilla tactics and choose tactical retreat as a first measure of defense in all instances. Invariably, they all campaign vigorously, get re-elected and then disappear into the oblivion of the beltway. Watching out only for each other and the special interests that fill the war chests of campaign funds. The sunshine of transparency sends them scattering like cave-dwelling albinos. It never ends. They talk. They balk. They point fingers when the day yields nothing. Please. Enough.

As overwhelmed as we feel with the daily onslaught of negative, propped up pieces of propaganda landing in our laps, we must recognize its only two inches of water, we ain’t gonna drown. We control a lot more than we think. Sure, it doesn’t feel that way. We see our champion, our president under siege. We feel helpless, but we are not. Not at all. We can turn our angst and our anxiety onto the closest target: Congress. They were elected to facilitate the agenda of Donald J. Trump. We certainly didn’t send our congressman and women to DC for the express purpose of chasing fruitless investigations into fairy tales about Russia. For the love of all things holy, do your freaking job. Pick a team and play ball. Your excuses are beyond pathetic and we’ve heard them all. Please. Enough.

I would advocate that if your republican congressman isn’t supporting the president, well, you change your congressman. It’s not working. The system is broken. Our majorities have produced little but drama and palace intrigue. They are walking back from supporting the agenda we agreed on. In short, they are acting like congressmen. They won’t change without impetus to do so; and we are that impetus. Call your Representative and your Senator. Tell them you expect them to support the Trump agenda, or you will vow to see them replaced. They will hide from you, they will seek to appease you. They will use phrases like “let’s see how it turns out” and “let’s get to the bottom of this.” Ask them: get to the bottom of what, exactly? This is absurd. Please. Enough.

Comey is a shattered civil servant, trapped by contradictory statements between mysterious “memos” and his sworn testimony. It won’t end well for him. Trump is not under investigation. He is, however, the victim of a murderous and reckless media, as well as a staff that couldn’t navigate their way through a game of Connect Four. We can do better. We will. Trump deserves the same shot we’ve given every US president. It’s up to us to see that he gets it. We can’t entrust our liberties and our future to a gutless congress, an activist federal court full of seditious hacks or a bloodthirsty media who will stop at nothing to destroy Trump. Please. Enough.

What can we do? Tell all of your representation in Washington that you expect a fervent defense of the president and you want his agenda moved. Now. If they can’t commit, find a willing primary opponent, or run yourself. I’ll be there to help. I won’t stand by and watch another day of this madness. I choose action over anxiety. I choose to fight for what I believe. If enough of you join me, we will turn the oppressive tide of division and acrimony. We can stand with one voice as republicans and tell our representation…Please. Enough.