Ever so subtly, the seeds of division are being sown within conservative circles. You, the Trump supporter, are the frog they are bringing to a boil. Sorry folks, this ain’t a hot-tub. Who has their hands on the stove? Some readily known characters like Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes and George Will; and some surprising new faces like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich. The latter group is the most indefensible and dangerous to the cause.

More importantly, and more to the point, the 800 pound gorilla in the Oval Office was never really the Russian adventures into the election. Instead, it is the shadow of a diminutive Jeff Sessions that is actually the culprit of this dreaded and interminable pall. There can be no mistaking this as a fact. Sessions should have removed himself from consideration as Attorney General the moment a Democrat Senator asked about recusal. He never once intimated to the White House he was even considering a recusal in any matter. That’s a dereliction of duty and a betrayal that vastly outweighs any contribution as a surrogate on the campaign trail. I mean, seriously, did we need him to carry Alabama? Loyalty is a two-way street. Trump, in my opinion, held up his end and Sessions has not. But like the infomercial says, “but wait, there’s more…!”

Sessions, and the little known legal insider in DC, Chuck Cooper, also signed off on a disastrous series of decisions. One, again, never even notifying the White House you were considering a recusal was a horrific act of malfeasance. It is, quite literally, responsible for the inception of this entire Russia witch hunt. Next, they settled on an order of delegated power that gave rise to their next biggest mistake: hiring Rod Rosenstein. It’s baffling beyond measure. Here is a quote from someone who worked with Rosenstein in a professional capacity, “Rod would have gotten a Hillary or Jeb Bush position at DOJ, but I never dreamed that our guys would self inflict this wound and give him such a dangerous position.” The president, only now being made aware of Rosenstein’s famously flexible political leanings, was right to blast him in his recent interview. Rod has never held a private sector job and thrives in the seedy underworld of revolving DC doors that produce hideously entrenched bureaucratic monsters.

Jeff Sessions, Chuck Cooper, and White House counsel Don McGhan, owe the president a huge apology. Unwittingly or not, they have given aid and comfort to the undemocratic and unconstitutional Mueller investigation. The absurdity of a president under an all encompassing microscope by his own administration. It’s maddening and I don’t begrudge the president for saying so, either. With every tweet about “I like Sessions, it’s not his fault” or “Sessions is loyal, the president should never have called him out like that,” Trump gets angrier and angrier. This president is boxed in on all sides by the Quixotic misadventures of Bob Mueller, and his supporters are shedding tears for the man who put him there. I couldn’t write this script.

So, by all means, defend Jeff Sessions and rally to the cause of keeping your favorite staffer (insert name here), but you’re not helping President Trump by doing it. Those inside the never Trump circle high-five each other each time they succeed in dividing the ranks of Trump supporters at the base. What we have on our hands is a quiet insurrection. The seeds have been planted, and to grow, they need to be nourished by the discontent and division of the Trump base. Those who will balk at this concept as advocating blind loyalty in the president, take heed, that is exactly what I’m advocating at this point in time. Any less, and we risk giving roots to something malignant and amorphous; something that will be beyond any measure of control. They are hunting the president, and they need republican diversity of opinion to succeed. If that sounds monolithic and reeks of anti-intellectualism, so be it. If they want to hunt the president, they will not do so on my property.

I know this stuff gets confusing. I know we have more people tracking politics than ever before in our history. It’s causing growing pains in the movement and that’s natural. But the democrats are united against Trump, therefore we must unite behind him. Any other scenario spells doom for our political and economic future. There is no winnable formula for republicans without Trump’s base of support. Those who dwell in shadows dreaming of a Pence presidency, know this: we love Mike Pence, but we will never forgive any act, even by omission, that would result in his ascension. Never.

If the president says you are eating meatloaf, grab a fork and smile. If you would rather qualify your support with your favorite pet cause, go right ahead. Be sure to enjoy your self-satisfied stand on principle, because the next meal you get will be rationed by a democrat.