Winning isn’t easy. Nobody ever said it was. Those in our movement who had false hopes of a little downward relief from the Sisyphean task of winning, must now admit the struggle will continue. We shall earn our victories only through laborious struggles and the dispatching of sheer political will. It will take time, and significant political pressure.

For Donald Trump, the application of pressure and time is not a foreign concept, but dealing with a recalcitrant and unyielding adversary like Congress is something new. After all, he can’t simply walk away from the negotiating table, not without surrendering his entire agenda. Indeed, we are outnumbered and outflanked on all sides by an enemy who has had 30 years to fortify their defenses. Our march will not be unabated, our plan of attack will not be static, and our gains will be hard fought. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

President Trump is a political newcomer, relatively speaking, new to the ways of Washington and the myriad of backwater minutiae that comes with it. Yet he is evolving, and he is doing so at a relatively rapid pace. In less than 200 days, he is identifying his mistakes, rectifying misplaced delegation of authority and engaging in bold cabinet moves. What the enemy identifies as chaos, is anything but to President Trump. Admittedly, from the outside, it appears as if there is a frenzied mass of confusion in the White House; from inside the eye of the hurricane, Trump sees it all and maneuvers in ways most beltway types could never fathom. Chess, the game most attributed to Trump’s forward thinking strategy, is actually far too timid and passive of a description to ascribe to the president’s style. I find it more suitable to compare it to a Patton-like proclivity to evaluate tank warfare. His style is loud and confrontational, but deftly measured in its strategy and execution. Hence the president’s affinity for seeking counsel from Generals. A military plan is not complete without several contingencies to be carried out in the event of exigent circumstances. Trump now knows that DC is just one big walking, talking exigent circumstance. He espouses a political philosophy that if it isn’t working, fix it; if you can’t fix it, nix it. Just like a General, Trump knows ‘two is one’ and ‘one is none’… Always be ready to enact the pivot protocol.

This is war, make no mistake about it. It’s a cold civil war for the soul of this country. If Trump had an inkling of this as he descended down the escalator more than two years ago, he has sinced affirmed it in his heart. The acceptable political casualty rate on our side grows every day, rightfully so. Side deals, handshakes and favors must cease and desist. Disloyalty must be displaced and weakness removed. Slowly, but effectively, this administration is ridding itself of the insidious RNC factions that dwell within like a malignancy. Establishment republicans were not behind the president, nor are they owed a protracted opportunity to show their evolution. Fire them.


So, with that in mind, I like to remind myself frequently that I owe my loyalty to the one man who surrendered his time and treasure to rescue his country. I bear no such necessity to those from the campaign, nor those who are currently in his orbit. I am cautious and wary of those who preach patience and decry the need for changes. For the most part, I find people who stand steadfast in support of someone not named Donald Trump, to have interests of their own. More than any other administration, since Carter, I think Trump should be afforded the opportunity to make changes in his ranks. He tried it the “traditional” way, by appeasing the big law firms, favorites of congress and some friends of contributors. That way has yielded mixed results thus far. These changes don’t happen in a vacuum, though.

For that reason, I pay little mind to what I call the “rainbow retailers and the sunshine salesmen,” who happily chide us to go on our way and entrust the outcome to the powers that be… With all due respect, no way. As well, I will put little stock in a threat from a republican senator to not fire Jeff Sessions, just as I will a congessman warning not to fire Steve Bannon. Both are ridiculous insults to the president. Try paddling in a canoe with somebody looking to go in the opposite direction, it’s not fun.

What we actually need now is a movement of unrivaled and incomparable activism within our ranks. We need to dig deeper, think smarter and fight back against apathy harder than ever. If we seek to educate ourselves to a level not previously attempted by an electorate, we help the president, ourselves and our country. Let’s take some personal responsibility for our future and our president’s agenda. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to President Trump. I pledge to help in any way I can, but I will not stand aside and ignore the brutal reality of our enemy’s vision. I believe news should be reported as neither good, nor bad; just true. Facts, after all, are not always fun.

May God bless Donald J. Trump, long may he reign…